Presentation: Game Development with Perforce

Presentation: Game Development with Perforce

Hello everyone,

I’ve been pretty silent lately on this blog with my entire focus being on Life Beyond, Darewise’s upcoming massively multiplayer online game.

In the meantime, my source control study has had great feedback from many game developers. I’ve had the opportunity to talk more directly to the companies behind those products and provide feedback as well as hear about some exciting upcoming changes.

Recently, I’ve had the chance to be invited to speak at Perforce on tour EMEA 2020, which took place online on October 7th. In case you did not attend, I can finally share this presentation and the details with you today.

In this talk I will show how we set up our tools and infrastructure at Darewise, using Perforce’s latest features and wide suite of tools. There are also a couple of tips and tricks for those of you already using it, so I’m hoping everyone can learn something interesting from this presentation.

You can also download the slides here if you need a better look.

I’d like to thank once again Suzanne Miles and everyone at Perforce for making this happen and for all of the time that they have already dedicated listening to our feedback and wishes for the future of Perforce.


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Nordic Game 2019 is over

Nordic Game 2019 is over

Nordic Game 2019 is over and what a great year it was!

This is my favorite event of the year, and I was very excited to attend again after so many years. I am very honored to have been offered to speak about GitCentral and improving quality of life and workflow for game developers out there.

Quality of life, iteration time, and general workflow improvements are aspects of your game development you should constantly strive to improve. I’m looking forward to talking more about the subject on this blog and at other events, as well as interacting with talented game studios and teams.

Several people asked to see my slides afterwards, so you can download them here. The 45 minute format was a bit too short for what I wanted to cover, but we made it! For those of you that still have questions, please contact me directly and I will be happy to help.

I strongly recommend every game developer to attend the next edition. There is so much talent on display, so many amazing people to meet, in a very intimate and relaxed setting.

Goodbye Malmö, until next time!


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