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C++ Tricks: Efficient core libraries for game engines

C++ Tricks: Efficient core libraries for game engines

C++ Tricks is a series of posts on core libraries for game engines and language experiments shared as the Kahncode Core Libraries.

For a long time now, I have been meaning to write about core libraries for game engines, and share my own take on them.

I’ve always been fascinated by those tools that make your code so much more expressive and elegant. Over the course of my side projects, but also as fun little language experiments, I have compiled a collection of those core idioms of my own. Each of them emulates a feature of the standard library or adds some expressive feature to your toolbox.

Today I’d like to kick off a series of articles introducing the Kahncode Core Libraries. In each post, I will focus on one feature and shed some light on the implementation details. I will also be progressively releasing the code as I go through this series. The repository can be found on GitHub and is open for comments and contributions.

I hope you will enjoy, learn, correct and teach me something, and perhaps make use of this in one of your projects, game or not.

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