GitHub is free for Teams

GitHub is free for Teams

GitHub has just made their Teams plan available for free. This allows for unlimited collaborators and unlimited private repositories. They have also reduced their paid plans from $9/user/month to an extremely competitive $4/user/month. Here is the full pricing breakdown.

This has the potential to be a real game-changer, and I will take the opportunity to update my comparison of Git hosting providers shortly.

In the meantime, let’s examine how GitHub compares with other hosting providers now that users are essentially free. Its main downside was the built-in limitation of 1GB for LFS, which can be extended by increments of 50GB for $5/month. This also includes bandwidth usage on top of storage, which means the more users, the quicker bandwidth will be used up.

I took the time to update the graph comparisons for typical use cases and the result is impressive:

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Posted by Samuel Kahn in Source Control