What are the requirements to use GitCentral?

Your project must be using Unreal Engine 4.20 or more recent. You will also need a fast and reliable internet connection to support uploading and downloading large files.

Can I use an existing project with GitCentral?

Yes, existing projects can use GitCentral. If a project is already source controlled with git, you will be able to access the existing history.

Which version of Git is required for GitCentral?

GitCentral is compatible with Git 2.12.0 or superior and Git LFS 2.0.0 or superior. Git LFS is a requirement and must be installed.

Is GitCentral in active development?

Yes, GitCentral is active and supported. New features and improvements in the works will be announced in blog articles.

Do you provide support for GitCentral?

If you require support, please contact me at support@kahncode.com. Basic support requests and bug reports will be handled as soon as possible. More demanding inquiries such as new features requests may require more time to be treated.

Why is GitCentral not free?

GitCentral requires a significant amount of time to develop and maintain. It has to be updated to support new versions and features of Git and Unreal Engine, and to answer user's feature requests.

Supporting GitCentral is not my primary activity, therefore the revenue enables me to allocate enough time to improve GitCentral and create more useful tools for game development teams out there.

GitCentral's current pricing and licensing model makes it one of the best and most affordable source control option for your team. However, if you truly cannot afford to buy GitCentral from the Unreal Marketplace. Please contact me at support@kahncode.com.

What are the terms and conditions for using GitCentral?

GitCentral is licensed under the Unreal Engine EULA and complies with the Marketplace Distribution Agreement. More information can be found in the Unreal Marketplace FAQ.

To clarify, here is a short summary of the license as explained by the Unreal Marketplace team:

If a user or company purchases a plugin, they can use the plugin for as many projects as they want. If it was purchased by a company, the plugin can be used for as many projects as the company is working on, and any users that work for the company can use it within the scope of these official projects. Users would not be able to take the plugin that was purchased by their company and use it on their own personal projects.

If you with to license GitCentral under different licensing terms, please contact me at support@kahncode.com.

Can I use GitCentral with a modified version of Unreal Engine?

Yes, you can compile and use the plugin yourself with your modified version of Unreal Engine. For custom builds of GitCentral, or specific features, please contact me at support@kahncode.com.

Can I access GitCentral's source code?

Yes, source code is included. For uses outside of the Unreal Marketplace licensing agreement, please contact me at support@kahncode.com.