GitCentral 1.0 released: File Locking, UE 4.23 support and more

GitCentral 1.0 has been released on the Unreal Marketplace.
This release adds the highly anticipated File Locking feature, support for the newly released Unreal Engine 4.23, as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

As of this release, GitCentral is considered stable and is no longer a Beta plugin. As always, if you encounter any issues, please contact me at

File Locking

The major feature of this release is a proper integration of file locking. This Git LFS feature allows a user to mark a file as locked, preventing others from making changes to the file until the lock is released.

For more information, read the full documentation on File Locking with GitCentral.

As always, GitCentral strives to make the workflow better for all the Unreal developers out there. This is why on top of the ability to lock files, GitCentral adds the ability to make a file writeable locally: you will not be blocked by a lock and can keep working. Once the file is released, you may acquire the lock yourself, resolve any conflicts and check in your changes if desired.

Release Notes

  • Added support for Unreal Engine 4.23
  • Git LFS Locking can be enabled in the source control connection dialog
    • Files will be locked by the current user when checking out or deleting, and unlocked when reverting or checking in
    • Files must be up to date before they can be checked out and locked
    • Files locked by others will appear as such and can no longer be checked out
    • Files can be forced writable and edited locally while another user has the lock, the action is available in the contextual menu. Note that forced writable files will not automatically acquire a lock once the other user has released the lock.
    • Files that are checked-out or modified locally but not locked can be locked through a new contextual action.
    • In order for locking to work properly, the git username and the remote repository username returned when calling ‘git lfs locks’ must match. This is entirely dependent on your lfs hosting provider, therefore you must adjust your username accordingly.
    • Force unlock is available in the contextual menu when enabling Administrator features in the source control dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the cached source control states may not have been properly updated under rare conditions
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a file from correctly being detected as added locally after being deleted remotely
  • Fixed an issue where the configuration file would not be written properly
  • Fixed an issue where changing source control configuration did not properly update the states


Posted by Samuel Kahn