Perforce Source Control for game development

Perforce Source Control for game development

This is part of a series of posts on source control for game development. Read more in the Blog.

Perforce is the most widely used source control solution for game development studios.

At Darewise, we evaluated many options and finally opted for Perforce, much like the rest of the game industry, or at least those who can afford it. Pretty much all major AAA studios, and medium to large teams are using Perforce as their main source control, so there must be some valid reasons behind this choice. I have personally used Perforce in every single one of my professional projects. I have worked primarily with workflow issues and source control, so this is a product I know very well and I might be slightly biased towards it.

In the previous article, I explained why Git is not the most optimal source control solution for game development. This time, let’s examine why is Perforce so popular.

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