Install GitCentral

  • Download and install GitCentral from the Unreal Marketplace
  • Download and install Git
    • Install Git LFS (Large File Storage)

Configure your project

  • Initialize the git repository

Skip this step if your git repository is already initialized and has a remote.

GitCentral uses a remote repository to share files with your team. You will need a remote git repository for your project. There are many free and paid git hosting providers, each with their pros and cons. To help you with choosing a hosting provider, I have written an in-depth comparison of git hosting providers.

In this example we will assume your remote repository's url is, the remote name (origin) and branch name (master) use git's typical naming conventions. Adjust the commands to your particular setup.

Run the following commands from a command line inside your project folder, which contains the .uproject file.

git init
git remote add origin

For advanced users only: Please note that GitCentral supports using the Content folder as the root repository. This can be useful in several situations, for instance, if you want to separate the history of Content from the Source code, and if you want to work with source code using traditional git without having to deal with GitCentral's tricks.

  • Fill your name and e-mail address that you wish to use for this project

Skip this step if you have already configured your name and email globally using git config --global.

Run the following commands from a command line inside your Project folder.

git config "Your Name"
git config ""

  • Setup your .gitattributes
    • To ease the process, I have prepared sample .gitignore and .gitattributes files. These files contain a good default configuration for working with Unreal and GitCentral.
    • Download and unpack this archive in your Project folder.
    • If you already had an existing git repository with those files, follow the next two steps:
      • Add the following lines to your .gitattributes:

*.uasset filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text lockable
*.umap filter=lfs diff=lfs merge=lfs -text lockable

  • Commit .gitattributes to source control

Run the following commands from a command line inside your Project folder.

git add .gitattributes
git commit -m "Configured project for GitCentral"
git push origin master

Your project is now configured to work with GitCentral.

Connect to your repository

  • Open your project in Unreal Editor
  • Open the Plugins window

  • Enable GitCentral

  • In the top toolbar, Connect to source control

  • Choose GitCentral

  • Accept Settings

A popup will confirm that gitcentral has connected successfully. If you encounter an error, the Output Log window will give you more information.

You are now ready to work with GitCentral. Create your first commit, or learn more by reading the Unreal documentation and the GitCentral features.